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Seventh Annual Festival

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Thursday, March 3rd Evening Program

Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts Levine JCC
5007 Providence Road

7:00 PM


Article of Hope Photo
An Article of Hope

Honoring NASA’s 50th anniversary

Sponsored by: the Levine JCC


An uplifting message of humanity, AN ARTICLE OF HOPE tells the remarkable story of Israel’s first astronaut and the journey of a tiny Torah scroll into outer space. Israeli Air Force Colonel Ilan Ramon and six other astronauts perished on Feb. 1st, 2003, when the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentry. Among the few objects that Ramon took into space was a miniature Torah that had survived the Concentration Camps of the Holocaust.

Join us for an unforgettable and moving story of Ilan Ramon and the tiny Torah that travels from the depth of despair to the heights of hope and scientific achievement.

Click here to view movie trailer

Guest Speaker: Tiffany E. Russell from NASA
Director: Daniel Cohen
Language: English, Hebrew w/subtitles
Run time: 54 minutes.
USA 2010

Saturday, March 5th Hadassah Centennial Celebration

Ballantyne Village Theatre Stadium 5
14815 John J. Delaney Dr

7:30 PM

(Pa’am Ha'yiti)

Matchmaker Photo
The Matchmaker
(Pa’am Ha'yiti)

Sponsored by: the Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah

Advance Tickets Sold Out--Limited tickets available at the door (on a first come-first serve basis)

Hadassah Centennial Celebration & Dessert Reception

In a coming-of-age story --unlike any you’ve ever seen before-- renowned Israeli director Avi Nesher deftly combines comedy with drama. Arik, a teenage boy growing up in Haifa in 1968, lands an unusual but exciting job working for the mysterious Ya’akov Bride, a matchmaker for those who cannot find love. As Arik moves through a summer that changes him forever, his eyes open to an Israeli society coming to terms with its post-Holocaust identity and he falls in love for the first time.

“Romantic, nostalgic and magical—a moving cinematic experience…”
Anat Bar-Lev Efrati, Women Weekly

Click here to view movie trailer

Awards: Winner of 2 Israeli Academy awards
Director: Avi Nesher (Hebrew, English subtitles)
Run time: 112 minutes.
Israel 2010

Sunday, March 6th Matinee Film

Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts Levine JCC
5007 Providence Rd

3:00 PM

Film: BERLIN 36

To be shown before Berlin ’36
Gabriel Kaunitz
Gabriel was born in Connecticut, but lived in Charlotte during his middle school and High School years. (He is a member of Temple Israel) He graduated from Myers Park High School and is currently a freshman at Savannah College of Art and Design, where he caught the filmmaking bug.
Runtime: 1 min. 36 sec.

Gabriel Kaunitz

Synopsis: Jews and Food

Berlin 36 Photo
Berlin 36

Tickets $8. Click here to purchase tickets.

It looked like high jumper Gretel Bergmann would be a certain medalist of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, but there were two problems. Gretel lived in Germany and she was Jewish. The Nazis were determined to keep a Jew from competing on their team, so they devised a bizarre scheme to create a super competitor. It is hard to believe that this drama is based on a true story! says, “History is littered with stories of people being maneuvered like pawns, whether to fulfill political destinies, to save face for narcissistic individual causes, or to divert the flow of history. Berlin ’36 charts the course of a more unusual example of manipulation, one that occurs on that bleary borderline where sport and politics wrestle for supremacy.”

Click here to view movie trailer

Director: Kaspar Heidelbach, Language: German (English subtitles)
Run time: 100 minutes.
Germany 2009

Sunday, March 6th Evening Documentary

Temple Israel
4901 Providence Rd

7:00 PM


Jews and Baseball Photo
Jews and Baseball:
An American Love Story

Sponsored by: Temple Israel Men’s Club
and Temple Israel

Tickets $10. Click here to purchase tickets.

A rousing homage to the national pastime sure to delight fans and non-fans alike, JEWS AND BASEBALL: AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY charts the historic and cultural contributions of the greatest Jewish major leaguers ever to step onto the field. Transcending sports, director Peter Miller takes a broad view of baseball’s transformational role in Jewish assimilation, overcoming bigotry and Black-Jewish solidarity during the civil right movement. Pulitzer Prize-winning sportswriter Ira Berkow wrote the script. Narrated by Dustin Hoffman.

Guest Speaker for the evening is former Major Leaguer Ron Blomberg, who played seven major league seasons for the Yankees and the White Sox. He was the first DH (Designated Hitter) in baseball history, although he says the DH stood for Designated Hebrew!

You’re sure to love this love story!

Click here to view movie trailer

Featured speaker: Former Major-Leaguer Ron Blomberg
Language: English (Narrated by Dustin Hoffman)
Run time: 91 minutes.
USA 2010

Tuesday, March 8th Evening Program

Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts Levine JCC
5007 Providence Rd

7:00 PM

Documentary: CIRCUS KIDS

Circus Kids Photo
Circus Kids

Sponsored by: Temple Beth El and Mecklenburg Ministries

Tickets $5. Click here to purchase tickets.

An eclectic youth circus troupe from St Louis travels to Israel to collaborate with the Galilee Circus, a local troupe comprised of Jewish and Arabic children working together. In the process, the kids (and the viewers) discover that we’re really not that different from each other.

The real miracle of the Arches isn’t seeing the kids perform death-defying tricks, but rather witnessing the loving relationships that form even when they have nothing in common but circus.

Jessica Hentoff is the “circus mom” to the American kids, including three of her own. “We’re going to show the world what a real peace process looks like - when people stop focusing on their differences and start focusing what they have in common,” said Hentoff.

Circus Kids won the Interfaith Award at the 2010 St. Louis International Film Festival.

Special performance by some members of the American circus troupe, the St. Louis Arches, will accompany screening!

Click here to view movie trailer

Director: Alexandra Lipsitz (English)
Run time: 86 minutes.
USA 2010

Thursday, March 10th Evening Program

Patricia McBride and Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux Center for Dance - Uptown
701 North Tryon Street

7:00 PM


To be shown before Breaking Upwards
Runtime: 5 min. 34 sec.
Craig Peck, 2010. A New York City native, filmmaker Craig Peck is a long time veteran of both New York and Los Angeles film scenes. As a producer, Craig worked for Walt Disney Animation Studios, producing and editing the well received 2D/3D animated film “Chalk”. In the live action world, Craig has worked for and learned from a handful of Oscar winners over the years, including George Clooney and Scott Rudin.

Craig Peck

Short-Comedy: FAKE BEARD

Craig’s most recent short film, “Fake Beard”, is making the 2011 festival circuit and has gained notice from a number of top talent agencies and production companies in Los Angeles for its sharp and irreverent humor.

A University of North Carolina alum and current graduate student at The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, Craig often jumps back and forth between live-action and animation. He is currently in development on an animated feature film with an Academy Award nominated Disney writer/director team, while pursuing his first live action feature as a director.

Synopsis: Jeremy is in a dead-end job and the girl of his dreams doesn’t seem to notice him. Will a fake beard make a difference?

Breaking Upwards Photo
Breaking Upwards

Sponsored by: The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography & Film

Tickets $10. Click here to purchase tickets.

An uncensored look at young love, lust, and the pangs of codependency, Breaking Upwards follows its characters as they navigate each other’s emotions.

Young Adult Happy HourBased on an actual experiment devised by director/actor Daryl Wein and actress Zoe Lister-Jones (seen last year in the CJFF screening of Arranged), the film loosely interprets a year in their lives exploring alternatives to monogamy, and the madness that ensues.

Adult content (must be 18 years old)

View Website
Click here to view movie trailer

Rated R - 18 years and over only
Director: Daryl Wein
Run time: 88 minutes
USA 2009

Saturday, March 12th Evening Program

Ballantyne Village Theatre Stadium 5
14815 John J. Delaney Dr

7:30 PM


Eli and Ben
Eli and Ben

Sponsored by: the Levine JCC

Tickets $12. Click here to purchase tickets.

12-year-old Eli is a happy-go-lucky kid with a mischievous streak, but his life is turned upside down when his father Ben is arrested for taking a bribe. Convinced that his father is innocent, Eli goes on a journey to try to get his father released. In the process, Eli matures and begins to form his own individual principles, unique and separate from his father. In the process, he learns a lot about love and life.

Eli and Ben won the Audience Award at the 2010 Boston Jewish Film Festival.

“A coming of age drama with a social message brilliantly made.”
Matan Shiram, Globes Daily Newspaper<

Click here to view movie trailer

Director: Ori Ravid (Hebrew (English subtitles).
Run time: 91 minutes
Israel 2008

Sunday, March 13th Matinee

Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts Levine JCC
5007 Providence Rd

3:00 PM 

Silent Film: THE GOLEM

To be shown after The Golem
Runtime: 31 min.
Jordan Imbrey, presently a student at UNC Chapel Hill, 2010
Director of Photography: Eric Enlgand, presently a student at Savannah College of Art and Design

Jordan and Eric

AIRBORNE: The Secret of Identity
(Part 3 for the Airborne Trilogy)
Jordan Imbrey and Eric Ugland to attend

Synopsis: Nerdy Clayton Randolph discovers that he has superpowers and his secret identity may be worth more than he could have ever known.

The Golem
The Golem

Sponsored by Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County

Tickets $8. Click here to purchase tickets.

Featuring live musical accompaniment by pianist Ethan Uslan and clarinetist Gene Kavadlo.

This silent film is a combination of Jewish mysticism and fairy tale and retells the medieval Jewish legend about a clay figure that is brought to life to serve as a protector of the Jews who live in the Prague ghetto in the year 1580.

Live music by award-winning pianist Ethan Usland and clarinetist Gene Kavadlo.

“The combination of silent film and live music brings an unusual and exciting cultural experience to our film festival. An experience not to be missed!”
- Debby Block

Introduction: Sam Shapiro, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
: Carl Boese and Paul Wegener
Run time: 86 minutes
Germany 1920

Sunday, May 22nd Evening Program

Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts Levine JCC
5007 Providence Rd

7:00 PM


Where I Stand Photo
Where I Stand:
The Hank Greenspun Story

Calling this film a documentary just doesn’t do it justice. Narrator Anthony Hopkins tells the previously untold story of an American hero who was involved in one way or another in nearly every significant event of the 20th century.

One critic said, “Where I Stand is a documentary that astounds, humors and inspires its audience. It’s amazing that such a man could have so large an impact and yet remain such an unknown in our national history.”

“Where I Stand” won the Audience Award at last year’s Atlanta Jewish Film Festival.
It played to a sold-out crowd at the recent 7th Annual Charlotte Jewish Film Festival and drew rave reviews!

Click here to view movie trailer

Director: Scott Goldstein
Language: English (Narrated by Anthony Hopkins)
Run time: 98 minutes
USA 2008


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